Saturday, October 26, 2013

What The Inside of Ant Hive Looks Like



shut up and take my money.

Dogs Shaking In Slo-Mo

Basically Porn for Dog-Lovers.

When Morons Build A Bonfire

The perfect couple. Couple of idiots, that is.
So glad that happens...stupid redneck fucks.

Some Spooky Beers

Jack-O-Lantern Jackpot

5 days left....

Mama and Her Baby are the D'aaawwwww of the Day

Thursday, October 24, 2013

probably the worst part about being deaf is that you can only celebrate 50% of your farts

Halloween Toilet Paper Holders are Spooky?

this is the only time spoopy would have been appropriate and they blew it.

Cant. Stop. Watching.

i bet kitty-kin immediately regrets that decision.


DID YOU KNOW: You Can Turn Off Your Gag Reflex by Squeezing Your Left Thumb?

If you have a sensitive gag reflex you might have trouble swallowing pills, visiting the dentist, public washrooms, eating foods, giving blow jobs and/or smelling farts... this handy (no pun intended) trick will really help you out.

DID YOU KNOW: You can also stop sneezing if you push your tongue hard against the roof of your mouth.

Look What You're Missing on TV

i believe she's found the one excuse that would actually make the situation worse.

Giant Web In Brazil Found Holding Thousands Of Spiders

Awwwwwww Heeeeell Nawwwww !!!!!!!!
Officially taking Brazil off my bucket-list.


so are they still unemployed?

LAB is almost BALL spelled backwards afterall.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Automated Japanese Restaurant

Damn it Japan... stop being so bad-ass.

Problems With Depth Perception

I like the part where he just lies there.

Musicians Get Away With Everything

Sydney Tunnels Have Giant Water Holograms


Military Crackdown On Fapping

At Camp Masturbation Station

Blue Fairy Wern

what a pretty bird.

I'll Just Take This...


The Saddest Words Ever Printed

only one name comes to mind.

just another great costume

go to a party and lay on the floor all night.
sign me up.

not goin down without a fight


NEAT-o-FACT #24: if you say "raise up lights" you just said "razor blades" in an austrailian accent.

have youn ever seen a broken iris?

Question: How irresponsible do you have to be to break your iris?
Answer: really irisponsible.

bah-dumb-bum. im here all week.

buuurrrrrrrrrr it's cold in here, it must be something with the atmosphere.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

D'awwwww of the Day


Lion Cubs with Their Mama

You've Baja Blasted Yourself Right into My Heart, Taco Bell

the TWISTER sheet set

These Alien Costumes are pretty fucking RAD

Hot Potato!

Happy Birthday, Sucker!

surprise... you're blind. 
love from, your brother

This Family Costume Nailed Labyrinth For Halloween

i love this.... i really need to watch labyrinth again soon.

What an Obtuse Costume

"I'm here for the boos"

TAP a pumpkin for halloween, it'll be the talk of the party.


Foxes are so cool, I don’t care who you are.

On my way to steal yo man


i lost 50 lbs in one week by lying!

The New US 100$


I’m glad the portrait of Ben Franklin stayed the same on the new $100 bill. There’s something about his slight, tight frown, the paternal hint of disappointment in his eyes and those pursed, sealed lips that seem to say, “I don’t approve of what you’re doing, but I can’t stop you from rolling this banknote into a straw and ripping a fat rail of white lightning in the Buffalo Wild Wings handicapped bathroom stall, you god damn beautiful disaster.”