Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I really want that Bag!

I really, really, realllllllly.... LOVE it.

New Invention: Triton Oxygen Respirator Extracts Air Underwater!

It's called the 'Triton Oxygen Respirator', a small but remarkable device that will do away for the need to carry bulky tanks on dives, and allow the dives to last much, much longer than can be had with conventional equipment. 

It's amazing function lies in the design of tiny, nano scale 'artificial Gills', a series of small strands or threads have tiny holes along their length, which are smaller than water molecules, and can effectively separate the Oxygen from the water while diving, on demand.

Pluto not included

Can you name them?

*not to scale

Booze Doesn't Kill Brain Cells

Myth: Alcohol kills brain cells. Now, to qualify that title, pure alcohol will absolutely kill brain cells and many other types of cells, which is why it is used as a disinfectant. However, recent research has shown that the quantity of alcohol you could possibly take in, without killing yourself, does not introduce enough alcohol into your bloodstream to kill brain cells.

This was proven by a study by Grethe Jensen and co. (1993), who meticulously counted neurons in matched samples of non-alcoholics and alcoholics. What they found was that there was no real difference in the density or overall number of neurons between the two groups.

MY CONCLUSION: Falling down drunk and hitting your head would kill a few but at least alcohol didn't kill them directly. Now... let's talk about liver cells.

Holland's Got Talent 2013 - Amira Willighagen AGE 9

god graced this little angel with pure talent.
everytime i watch this i see natalie's sister, andrea. she has the same eyes... anyways, this is a must watch. it gives you chills, makes you smile and fills your heart with pride... you may even well up a little.

*watch the terror on her face at the very end when way to many golden papers start to rain upon her.


This is by far the best way to separate egg yolks.

Egg Cracking 101: Crack eggs on a flat surface and never on the edge of a bowl. When you crack an egg on a sharp corner you force egg shell into the egg white which is almost always a pain in the arse trying to get out.

The Chef's Method: Crack an egg into your hand and let just the whites slip through your fingers. This is fastest but the texture is gross and so the bottle method is a fantastic alternative.

Shhhhh... It's A Secret.

Is it a 6 inch cut, with a free spit rub?