Saturday, January 25, 2014

man this essay is taking forever

Just Getting the Dust Off


hello, attic walk-in closet... what a great use of space!!!!! I just L0VE the metallic wallpaper in this space. Im also a super sucker for black hardwood flooring... it's a must. Carpets are poo.

silver is simple, clean, fresh & amazing. look at that tub against that black floor. wicked.

the following is a plaster treatment from a new york designer... the treatment is called metallic ridge and it's a brilliant bespoke striped plaster wall finish that would be perfect for any focus wall.


6 Really Cool Ideas for your Home

1. Aquarium Bed

2. Balcony Pool

3. Glass Bathtub

4. A Chandelier that turns your room into a Forest

5. Backyard Cinema

6. Spiral Wine Storage


see if you can find the cat.

good luck, it's not hard. basically, if it takes you longer than a minute... you're an idiot.


That's Peter Freuchen and his wife Dagmar Freuchen-Gale, in a photo taken by Irving Penn. Freuchen is a top candidate for the Most Interesting Man in the World. Standing six feet seven inches, Freuchen was an arctic explorer, journalist, author, and anthropologist.

He participated in several arctic journeys (including a 1000-mile dogsled trip across Greenland), starred in an Oscar-winning film, wrote more than a dozen books (novels and nonfiction, including his Famous Book of the Eskimos), had a peg leg (he lost his leg to frostbite in 1926; he amputated his gangrenous toes himself), was involved in the Danish resistance against Germany, was imprisoned and sentenced to death by the Nazis before escaping to Sweden, studied to be a doctor at university, his first wife was Inuit and his second was a Danish margarine heiress, became friends with Jean Harlow and Mae West, once escaped from a blizzard shelter by cutting his way out of it with a knife fashioned from his own feces, and, last but certainly not least, won $64,000 on The $64,000 Question. 
His third wife, Dagmar Freuchen-Gale, was no slouch either. She was a teacher, artist, editor, expert on world cuisine, and a top fashion illustrator for Vogue Magazine.

D'aaaaaawwwww of the Day

a teeny tiny little d'awww to kick off your day. xox

World's Best Chess Player Beats Bill Gates

What do you think happened when Bill Gates challenged the greatest chess player in the world to a match? He was embarrassingly defeated. Magnus Carlsen, 22, beat the founder of Microsoft in just over one minute of playing. Watch Carlsen's eyes as he continually stares at the chess board as though he has every move figured out almost before Gates even makes it.

RECAP: "What do you think happened when Bill Gates challenged the greatest chess player in the world to a match?" 
He probably lost and then drove home to his billion dollar mansion and took a bath in 200-year old champagne while johnny chessmatch went back to a studio apartment and practiced chess by himself all night with the smell of kraft dinner permeating from a hotplate.

Time To Think of a New Name.

124 Times the Population of the Earth is Starving Right Now

Are they counting every person that's ever lived or ever will live?  Come on!


This film follows the ancient cycle of sunset, to night, to sunrise. A continuous loop of perpetual movement that has been unbroken since the dawn of time, and the only true constant in our lives.

After you click play, look to the bottom right of the video and switch the setting from the 360p to the 720p HD version... or you can watch the HD version on Vimeo by clicking here

Breathtaking Lunar Panorama

It's been more than 40 years since anyones actually stood on the moon, but thanks to the Chinese space agency and the magic of the internet, you can be virtually transported to Earths natural satellite.

This interactive panorama uses images from the Change 3 lunar lander, which touched down on the moon in December. It was assembled by photographer Andrew Bodrov of Estonia (check out the fullscreen view for the Apollo astronaut effect). You can pan and zoom over the gray landscape, spotting craters and even our blue and green home planet hanging in the sky.

Change 3 is the first probe to soft land on the moon since Russias Luna 24 touched down in 1976. The lander includes scientific instruments, cameras, and a tiny rover named Yutu after the mythical pet rabbit of Change, the goddess of the moon. The conspiracy theorists wondering why there arent any stars in the panorama should read up on how cameras and lighting work.

It's A Dirty Job....

Duties include: Forward, Reverse, Forward, Reverse, Forward, Reverse.

Expert Camouflage

The Expert Camouflage WINNER goes to the 4th picture, i still can't figure out what the fuck is in it... Damn nature, Y U so disguised?

The reason it's called the EGGPLANT

How did I live half of my entire human life on this earth not knowing this.

Halloween Costume WINNER

URINE Danger

i know a girl who pisses like she's got a horse dong... this sign would be perfect for her.

what kind of an attempt was that

I lost 20 lbs in one week once... by lying.

Have you ever seen a Raccoon Dog?

The Raccoon Dog, or Tanuki, is indigenous to East Asia and is closely related to the raccoon, thus its similar appearance. It is a very strong climber and can often be found in trees... but the most interesting fact about the Tanuki is that it has magical powers.