Thursday, July 25, 2013

One Perfect View

It's so beautiful.

A Space Age Wine Cellar

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tzzzt zzzzt zzt... cool.

Michael Dunahee case: Police go quiet over new development in historic case of missing boy

have they found michael dunahee? 

BBC addicted to pleasure

this is a must watch

Thanks For Keeping It Weird, Craigslist

Mexico's First Supercar


google it

You'd be Surprised How Often This Comes Up.

seriously it’s 2013 where is this??

cant. stop. watching.

Fuckin' BEDS and BOOKSHELVES man.

if you knew my friend natalie, you would know that this bed by definition is: the natalie bed... right down to those sheets that i'm 90%pretty sure she already has.

Dear God, Apologies in advance for the feisty vixen who is no doubt going to give you a hard time.

 RIP my beautiful and charismatic Nana.
man, i know we all have an expiration date but today sucks.
i already miss her lil nana voice.

"FIN." (how shark week should end)


i just watched silver linings playbook for the 28th time.

it really was the best movie of 2012.
<3 krabby patties and home-mades.

'Cuz The Party Don't Ever Stop!

worst or best tattoo? you decide.

when im drunk i whisper in caps lock.

Found Me!

Shark Attack!

Facebook Needs a New Option

The Coffee Process

sounds about right.

Combination Bed and Catapult


The Daddle

*rides off into the sunset*


the finishing touch: a little splatter of chocolate pudding..