Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We've Made a Terrible Mistake!

kittens activate a vacuum cleaner and then book it.

The Right Name for the Job

That's an Unfortunate Shadow

if you put your hand down a chicks pants & found a dong you should be like "you trickster!" & then suck it real good cuz a deal's a deal.

CEO of Ginger Inc

d'awwwww of the day.

This is a Parenting Win

Happy Hump Day

all out of clean spoons so i guess i'll just eat this fat free cake with my gun.

i can never tell the difference between your / you're / asians



They practice that look, don't put up with their shit.
there is a thank you surprise for you in the green dish on the bar... and don't worry, it's not a turd... we both know those aren't a surprise. xox love lovely lovely loo