Friday, August 30, 2013

Hey Girl...

a row machine that actually moves around the gym.

D'awwww of the Day

IVEMURDEREDSEVENPEOPLE would be a fun eye chart for a doctor to have.

 One Tricky Doctor... some benny hill for ross.

Elegant Dismount

a cool thing for him to do is break into a jog, leave the country, have plastic surgery and change his name.

Best First Assignment

The Ultimate in Breakfast Taco



... the t-shirt NOT kyle.

Close Enough

Meanwhile in Africa

Jerk Chimp

Epic Frog


That's a Classy Headline

It Can't be Worse Than Texting, Right?

Naming Your Barbershops Right

Thunderstorm in Vancouver

Photos From Last Night

While Vancouver is no stranger to rain, last night’s long and violent lightning storm was something that doesn’t happen very often. Beginning at approximately 9 pm on Thursday evening, the heavy rainfall warning came true and was followed by frequent flashes of lightning and loud thunder for nearly an hour. According to Environment Canada, nearly 1,000 lightning strikes were recorded throughout the storm’s duration

I stood on Brandie's front balcony in her adorable little cottage house right next to YVR (the airport) and watched this hammer down... mommy mol got mad, then got us some free 'za.