Friday, January 31, 2014

A View From Mars Less Than 24 Hrs Ago

Just a reminder that the Curiosity images are coming in daily and are available from NASA online.

Are You A Good Liar? Take The Q Test!

You're 5 seconds away from knowing how good you can fib.

I drew a penis...

just kidding I drew the q backwards but im also a really good liar.

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The Hyperrealistic Sculptures Of Ron Mueck

London-based sculptor Ron Mueck, formerly a model maker and puppeteer for children's television and films, has been creating fine art sculptures since 1996. Using resin, fiberglass, silicone, and many other materials, Mueck constructs hyperrealistic likenesses of human beings, while playing with scale. The detailed sculptures are captivating when viewed up close, as they may be many times larger or smaller than expected.

Whuurt Whuurt...

Signal Received

This is a Pretty Rough Part of the Jungle

The Turkish Special Forces Face Their Greatest Challenge Yet: A Door

That was a doorable.
All they had to do was knock.

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Gastown - Vancouver, British Columbia

A River of Whiskey Flows Through Scotland

More than 6000 liters of whisky was let loose into Scotland's River Ayr. Apparently, a road tanker carrying 27, 500 liters of the spirit was ordered via computer to pump into the wrong vat, resulting in an overspill into the roadway by the river.

That's One Hell of a Happy Meal

A Pennsylvania woman is accused of using a McDonald's drive-thru window to sell her0in along with Happy Meals.

A Happy Meal costs no more than $2.99, unless you bought it at the McDonald's in East Liberty near Bakery Square and gave the special code word to one woman, Shantia Dennis.

Dennis denies it, but police said she sold Happy Meals for $82, $2 for the toy and $80 for the her0in inside.

I really miss my dog.

I can't wait for May because that's when I'll get to see her again. After 19 years being of being together everyday, being apart from her in order to travel has been more than heartbreaking.

The truth is rarely pure and never simple.

Trust is the foundation of all positive relationships and it is one of the strongest bonds that can exist between people; trust is also one of the most fragile. Once you destroy trust and break the bond, it is the most difficult facet to rebuild. 

"break my heart with the truth before you lose my trust with a lie."