Friday, February 7, 2014

My New Office Assistant Works for Carrots

The Opening Ceremony Wasn't Ready in Russia Either

The Sochi 2014 opening ceremony was supposed to feature five "snowflakes" expanding to form the iconic Olympic rings.

They got this instead.

An albino turtle, living in a sanctuary in Sri Lanka.

Albinos often struggle to survive in the wild, as their lack of pigment makes them an easy target for predators.

A Sri Lankan residing in Maldives offered more than US$ 26,000 to buy an albino turtle to use it in a black magic ritual on a Maldivian politician, popular Sri Lankan singer Amal Perera has told Sri Lankan Police.

The rare albino turtle had disappeared from the Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Sanctuary on December 18. According to Sri Lankan media, the police questioned Perera for three hours after the sanctuary’s owner alleged Perera’s involvement in the turtle’s disappearance.

The belief and use of traditional “Fanditha” magic for various purposes – ranging from courting and divorce to sports and politics – is fairly common in the Maldivian culture. A surge in suspected use of Black magic for political reasons was witnessed following the controversial power transfer in February 2011 and in the run up to presidential elections.

Maldives Police Service have investigated a number of cases including the case of a Black magic doll at a polling station and a cursed coconut in September 2013.


Christie Brinkley is 60 years old! SIXTY.

Christie stripped down to a tiny white bikini with other sports illustrated models for the newest Air New Zealand Safety video and I bet this will definitely get every passenger’s attention!

The video will be launched on February 12 2014 and then progressively rolled out on the airline’s fleet.

What is this Sorcery? 10 Bets You will Always Win!!!

Time to head down to the pub.

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How Boobs Were Named

You don't need an Etymologist to figure this one out.

Bedford’s Stradivarius of Pools

Former finance executive Jay Dweck already owns some rare violins — a Guarneri and a Stradivarius — and he just added another to his portfolio. This one, however, is a pool. Make that a million dollar pool in the shape of a violin. Call it Bedford’s Stradivarius of pools. The 1,300-square foot pool is based on the shape and color of Dweck’s Strad that dates to 1717.

Using nearly half a million glass tiles and some amazing technical marvels, Chris Cipriano of Mahwah, N.J. -based Cipriano Landscape Design replicated the details — right down to fiber optic violin strings, which light up in time to music, and the purfling, a narrow, decorative edge.

Dweck, an MIT-trained engineer and former executive at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, is also an amateur violinist, who plays with the Mamaroneck-based St. Thomas Orchestra.

That's an After-Shower Disaster Waiting to Happen

Just fill the Damn Cup!

Telephone Pole Saves a Life

That's one way to cleanse your bowels.

Vanilla Pope Meets Chocolate Pope

This life-sized chocolate likeness of Pope Francis was presented during Wednesday's general audience. Regrettably, the Jesuit oath of poverty may prevent his holiness from eating the statue and getting the most righteous stomach ache ever.

Great, that's all we need... Catholic priests literally made out of candy. Now kids will be drawn to them.

The Truth behind Angora Fur

If you are of the faint of heart I warn you now NOT to watch this 'The Truth behind Angora Fur' exposé but know that as you turn a blind eye just because it hurts your feelings, it is still happening just so you can wear your fashions.

Urge the Chinese government to ban the cruel live plucking of rabbits for angora fur:


“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Support PETA

Hundreds of Caged Dogs Saved from the Cooking Pot by Quick-ThinkingChinese Activists.

This sort of thing puts me in a mood and it always has me in tears! 

This article reminded me of that 'Truth behind Angora Fur' exposé by PETA, about the rabbits whos fur is being ripped off of them while they are still alive... the screams that come from each pull of the human-hand has effected and haunted me worse than any horror movie I've ever watched... yet I watched it because the people who made it are desperately trying to expose these inhumane ethics in order to bring awareness.

It is really sad just how many people condone something so awful for Beauty or Fashion, for Food or for Sport. As of late, I'm sure you've been made aware of the horrifically cruel examples regarding the Whales in Denmark, The Dolphins in Tai-jai and The Canadian Seal Slaughter, but the mass exposure to these are just a fraction of what is actually happening worldwide.

Animals are living beings, they are the same as us.... the only difference is that we have rights. I ask that you read the following article, even if it breaks your heart, and remember that although the outcome for this one particular story has a happy ending, that is not always the case. Read it, look hard at the photos and then listen to your heart and do something.

You can help, it's as simple as signing a petition, posting awareness via Facebook or any other social media site, a donation to an active organisation, buying from Cruelty Free Companies or even adoption from your local pet shelter as apposed to buying an animal from a pet store a.k.a animal mills. It is unacceptable to purchase a dog or cat from a pet store when over 6 million enter shelters every year. Listen, I know that saving one animal won’t change the world but it will change the world for that one animal.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Hundreds of Caged Dogs Saved from the Cooking Pot by Quick-Thinking Chinese Activists.

Horrifyingly, officers from the local Animal Inspection Department investigating the matter discovered that the transportation of the dogs was legal. The person who owned them did indeed have a licence and police were unable to act despite suspecting the dogs were headed for dog meat restaurants.

Another activist added: 'We can't stop them from eating dogs, as we don't have an animal welfare law. We just hope the government could stop dog mongers from doing dog business.' However, a private dog rescue centre then stepped forward and brought all of the dogs off their owner for 60,000 Yuan (£5,900). The animals will now be cared for until new owners can be found for them.