Monday, January 27, 2014

Universal Fact!

Here Kitty Kitty...

Infinite Wine Glass

setting the table for company ;) 

A Wedgie Can Strike at Any Time

Tickle Tickle Tickle!


Come Dine with Me

This is my favorite show in England. Four to Five people compete to win a thousand quid. They each prepare a three course meal and host one night in their home, at their table... and then the guests give their vote afterwards. Obviously, The person who gets the highest number in votes wins it all!

The narration in this show makes me laugh the whole time. I couldn't find a basic trailer so I just posted a tid bit of one of many episodes. Maybe it's the British humour but this show has me in stitches! The best part is that it's on the TV here all of the time and it's always a new set of very odd characters. It's absolutely brilliant!!!