Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Roger Bucklesby should have Married my Nana Maria.

Walking Home From School Has Never Been Funnier

It gets funnier, the more you watch.

The Genius of Birds - Hummingbird Tongue

In order to fuel its heart and wings that can flap up to 100 times-per-second, a hummingbird must eat several times an hour. This groundbreaking sequence from FLIGHT: THE GENIUS OF BIRDS illustrates the system of mechanisms that enable a hummer to consume several times it body weight in nectar each day.

Moss Shower Mat Living off the Water From Your Shower

Ha! I got this beat, I just don't clean the shower and it grows for free!

Possibly the Best Place to Drink on Earth

No source on this photo... it could be Murren in Switzerland or in the Swiss alps near Zermatt.... Or the view from the top of the Zugspitze. The tallest mountain in Germany and Austria. EITHER WAY: It appears to be the best place on earth to drink beer.

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