Sunday, July 28, 2013

Happy Birthday!!!!


young arnold

Baby Possums have bad hair days too

The London Eye

Normally Id be all aboard the nope train to fuckthatville... But I might actually try this. 


was the blob from space?

i'm really into the blob right now.

what is it supposed to be?

Have you ever seen a Baby Cockatiel?

D'awwwww of the Day


He's Like a Little Teddy Bear

There Are Two Kinds of People...

im a number 2 ;)

soooo punny

Extreme Surveillance

look under your seat...

Everyone Gets a Bubble!

when in doubt just do the opposite of whatever the dude with the ponytail is doing.

Whoa, stop flippin' out, man!

Sunday is an attractive person at the bar who turns out to be religious.

try n hit the back nine.

Drop the Beet

Excellent Reviews

Change is a Rigorous Process

Who Wore it Best?

I think Darwin wins this battle.

The Name No One Wants

personally i like the name george.
apparently i am the only one...
anyways, this one's for Ross.

It's the Other 20% they Have a Problem With


For the first time, since 2005's "Constantine", Keanu is headlining a blockbuster action movie. That's right, it's been 8 years. The movie he chose: "47 Ronin", an actual Japanese historical story about a group of samurai who spent two years plotting revenge against the figure who killed their master.

Keanu's movie, however, features all kinds of CG monsters and magic, and the posters are confusing the Japanese audience. Picture Paul Revere yelling "The British are Coming" from atop his hover board, or Jim Bowie shooting fireballs from his fingertips at The Alamo

Oh well, "47 Ronin" is released this Christmas season.


Young Morgan Freeman

The Only Trophy You'll Ever Need

I Swear My Keys Were Right Here

mottled owl loves eskimo kisses

FACT: This FURBIE is sexier than i am.