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The Federal government is taking the unprecedented step of removing the Goods and Service Tax from tampons and other feminine hygiene products as of July 1 of this year.

My favorite part in Pretty Woman is her joy when he agrees to pay $3,000 for 6 days, effectively lowering her rate from $100/hr to $21/hr

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Me to 6 year old trick or treater dressed as a witch: "I wish you'd cackle less" Her: Give me a snickers you old piece of shit.

gettin that Vitamin D

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Marvel 3D light FX

Check out the Starwars Collection - link above! 

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YaY! 4 day work week!

i <3 Canada

  1. Victoria Day (in French: FĂȘte de la Reine) is a federal Canadian public holiday celebrated on the last Monday before May 25, in honour of Queen Victoria's birthday. The date is also, simultaneously, that on which the current reigning Canadian sovereign's official birthday is recognized.

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Lazy Sunday. What to do?

Preservation. Blake Little

watch the golden goo in 1080HD (youtube settings)

Google invests $300 million in U.S. residential solar projects

 The Google logo is spelled out in heliostats during a tour of the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in the Mojave Desert near the California-Nevada border

The money will be used by SolarCity to put solar panels on homes. Homeowners then will pay a monthly fee to lease the panels from the company. The growth of such financing has made generating electric power from the sun an option for households who do not want to shell out the $20,000 to $30,000 upfront cost of a typical residential solar system.

The fund is the largest ever created for residential solar systems, SolarCity said, and Google's $300 million equity stake is the technology giant's biggest renewable energy investment to date. SolarCity is the top U.S. residential solar installer.

As a so-called "tax equity" investor in the fund, Google can claim federal tax credits worth 30 percent of a solar project's cost to reduce its tax burden. Tax equity investors typically enjoy returns of 8 to 10 percent.

The remaining $450 million of the fund comes primarily from debt financing, according to SolarCity spokesman Jonathan Bass.

The investment is Google's second with SolarCity. The company in 2011 established a $280 million fund with the installer, which is backed by Tesla Motors Inc founder Elon Musk. To date, Google has poured more than $1.5 billion into renewable energy projects.

Customer Service Complaint, 1750 B.C.

From the British Museum. 

The line between sleeping in my clothes and wearing the clothes I slept in has blurred.

Just heard someone screaming outside and my instinct was to turn up the TV. Whatever the opposite of a superhero is, I'm that.

If a tree falls in the forest will a soccer player act like it hurt him?

On a scale of corn to manycorn how impressed are you by my new corn-based number system?


It should be socially acceptable to end any boring conversation by shouting "UNSUBSCRIBE!"

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ALLERGY ALERT: This blog may contain nuts.

We always think the style we're in now is fine yet we always look like idiots 10 years later. How do we learn from this?

Fred Astaire because Fred a like a what he sees.

D'awwwww of the Day

Hey, same-height couples. You're weird. Everyone thinks so.

[announcement over PA at work] "FREE TACOS IN THE BREAKROOM" *I walk there so fast the noise from my corduroys breaks everyone's eyeglasses*

Luxurious Flintstones

If you loved the Flinstones as much as I did then you’ll love this spectacular luxury villa, for sale for $3.5 million in Malibu. The home used to belong to Dick Clark and his wife.

It sits on a humongous 23-acre plot of land, which boasts a wonderful view to the Serrano Valley, the Boney Mountains, the Channel Islands, and the Pacific Ocean.