Sunday, August 11, 2013

Starting the School Year Off Right

You're My National Treasure

Science Produces Better Bedroom Results

This Just In: Walmart's Prices Make No Sense

i just shit my pants! I guess it serves me right for eating them in the first place.

for something that has nine lives, you'd think this cat would spend at least one of them not being an annoying cunt.

Dang It, I Order Pepperoni!

D'awwwwwww of the Day

Cobbs Crack Bread

seriously, please go buy the white flour loaf from cobbs bread, have them slice it *FINE* and then go home and toast it. once golden brown (possibly a few runs through the toaster) swipe on some real salted butter. this is my CRaCK. it's fucking stupid how good this is. heavenly.

side note: absolutely lovely with black tea.

At Least There Was an Apology?