Friday, February 7, 2014

Bedford’s Stradivarius of Pools

Former finance executive Jay Dweck already owns some rare violins — a Guarneri and a Stradivarius — and he just added another to his portfolio. This one, however, is a pool. Make that a million dollar pool in the shape of a violin. Call it Bedford’s Stradivarius of pools. The 1,300-square foot pool is based on the shape and color of Dweck’s Strad that dates to 1717.

Using nearly half a million glass tiles and some amazing technical marvels, Chris Cipriano of Mahwah, N.J. -based Cipriano Landscape Design replicated the details — right down to fiber optic violin strings, which light up in time to music, and the purfling, a narrow, decorative edge.

Dweck, an MIT-trained engineer and former executive at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, is also an amateur violinist, who plays with the Mamaroneck-based St. Thomas Orchestra.