Friday, June 5, 2015

I'm the Ron Jeremy of banging my baby toe into furniture.

So I'm walking, in a half dead - zombie like state, to the little girls room (big girls are allowed too btw) at approx 4am a few nights back and I guess half way there I subconsciously decide to kick the fuck out of my coffee table leg with my baby toe.

Well, holy shit that hurt more than most self inflicted injuries I've encountered lately... but worst of all, days later, my damn toe still looks like the Grimace ride at a Mc Donald's playground... for ants!

Solution: I painted both my finger and toe nails a lovely shade of grimace purple! 

Update: 20 appendages are now ugly as apposed to just the one.

Lastly: Award yourself +10 points if you got the zoolander reference.